Like we were 14 again.♡

To be honest now that we talk
I don't see why we ever stopped
I don't even remember why we broke up
How all that happiness led to
The demise of our fairy-tale
We were a match made in heaven
with the purest form of love i have ever felt
And just sitting there talking to you
A part of me wished it never would have ended…
To be honest as we rekindled our past
the moments we shared
those we hold nearest to our hearts
I realized what you gave me, My love…
I'd search a lifetime till i found it
YOU are a part of me, and
I just can't let go.
And we laughed, like we were 14 again
Like nothing had happened, like we were 14 again.


…from the archives…

The sun above the clouds 
but still can't clear the fog of day
nor the rain
...Clouding the sky
and yet i feel so much likeness ...
Clouding my heart all the same
is the memory of me beside you
Your lips softly touching mine
Riddling the functions of my heart
Beating twice as fast at the wake of your voice
I'd call you my realization
But no, You're the distraction i still hold dear...



You need to be loved right
I’m sorry I wasn’t your prince charming
To kiss you every night
Gazing at the stars with…
Living reality like a dream
Taking you deeper than ever before
Falling in and out of love
Just to know what it felt like at first
Holding your hand just to feel your skin
Cracking jokes just to make you smile
Darling I’m sorry I couldn’t love you right


Meine Gefühle

We met just simply for my sake of mind
I was going crazy,
I needed to see you just for closure
Just for me to have a chance
To finally let go...
But just staring at you
Made me fall back in...
Fall back in deep.
And i silently knew to myself
That this would never be over

Whatever the fuck “this” is

I loved every second of it, and 
my mind often strayed to the feeling
of your skin on mine

But no, no, you were bad for me.

I should have stayed away from the very beginning.

Now we both have our separate lives,
Our hopes and dreams miles apart

And so I keep my distance and Bid my time

Because Mon Amour,
Meine Gefühle für dich werden sich nie ändern❤️

Late Nights :)

I love late nights,

What’s there not to like about the teetering to and fro every single one of the applications you have on your phone. Looking for something to do, because you just don’t feeling like sleeping right then, yet you have a ton-load of messages not answered, Dates not planned, Visits not scheduled. But then you rummage through the settings of your phone looking for another special function you have not yet discovered on your very, VERY old phone.

The blunt you light, hoping to forget about that which enslaves your heart. Hoping to forget all your troubles cause everybody wanna feel irie…

What’s not to like about the quietness of the night the silent chirping of crickets, the slow and rhythmic tapping of your keyboard as you struggle to finish your assignment that s due tomorrow.

What’s not to like about the scarce text from your ex saying he misses you. You don’t want him/her back do you? Why do you keep urging him on in the strife for your heart? It feels good to have them on your leash (at least just this once) doesn’t it?

What’s not to like about the stranger who texts you once every while. The thrill you get from conversing with someone who barely knows you. Someone who knows not of who you really are. You can be WHOMEVER you make yourself to be.

The late night texts or calls from your significant other. The promises you share over text or over the phone of how you two are forever. The never ending series of goodnights and “No, You hang up first.” The hope, The trust, The sacrifice, all those secrets held by the promise of the night.

You know too well you have to be up early in the morning, but you’ve grown too fond of the night it’s become a habit. The night’s welcoming embrace with all the details it has to offer. You can’t just let that pass you by can you?


Love me in the Daylight.

Do you think of me…

When you wear your pretty face
for the rest of the world but not for me to see.
Or when you wear those high-heels that make me look small

Or maybe...
Just maybe
   When you smile at them
my smile : the smile I gave you
 Yes. I said it...The smile I solely worked so hard to give you
and made you feel more worthy of life 

Because, before we met your smile never turned heads
yet after, after it all
after we put labels to our names
I saw just a glimpse of the smile that I had created
Then it became for me to watch behind the scenes ...

Do you think of me…

When we are miles apart ,
When you are surrounded by your friends

Do you wish that I was your company instead of them
Or when you take pictures do you wish I was there...

Do you wish to love me in the daylight…


The Society we Live In.

You know what first of all. “FUCK SOCIETY” Fuck society and all its norms.

The world wants you to be set up in a particular way. It’s the kind of crappy world we live in. Shallow and Sad. Depressing to an extent most of us don’t reach the prime of our lives without even once considering suicide. If only most of us weren’t cowards the world would have a smaller population. In fact I thought i’d be one of the few remaining when the rest of you sickos rid yourselves of your mortal beings.

But soon enough I realized I’m sicko too. I thought it peculiar when people told me. “You know help me out, I’ve been having suicidal thoughts and it’s getting more convincing with each thought”. And i’d lean back and wonder how someone would reach the lengths of despair and I’d pat myself on the back for reaching this far without any of those.

Until it happened to me.

The words ‘I’m disappointed in you’ were enough to send my thoughts rushing all over. And i realized its all vanity this world we live in. After all is said and done even those who you thought cared for you the most will have a downside to what you are…

Living according to the worlds norms, we are all failing the test. Yet instead of trying to succumb to what we should be let’s concentrate on what makes us happy. YES, once in a while we all make mistakes and man is to err.

However Love, you only have one life. {Dammit we should have been cats then we’d have nine}Live your’s without the least shed of regret for your life. Darling it’s yours. Time to live with your faults and make the your rights.

Life’s too short. Es ist nie so Ernst🌼


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